segunda-feira, agosto 19, 2013

- o carteiro -

Pretentious power-obsessed bore. She represents everything the art world needs to leave behind.

"Dear art-world friends: Pictured here is Marina Abramovic, an artist whose work I have at times admired in the past. The gentleman at her side is wealthy Norwegian real estate developer Christian Ringnes whose last stunt is the transformation of Oslo's last remaining city forest into a huge sculpture park devoted to the 'celebration of women' or 'the feminine'. In addition to this blatantly sexist theme, the park project boasts the rehabilitation of a former Nazi monument, as well as the destruction of a unique ecology and 10 000 year old cultural history. The realization of the park has only been possible thanks to consistent disregard of democratic procedure. Abramovic's role in all this? A performance piece and a permanent monument to mark Mr. Ringnes's construction of a bizarre 'Scream'-shaped concrete platform from which park visitors may view the landscape depicted in Edvard Munch's most famous painting. When asked by the media about her participation in this highly controversial project, Abramovic responds that the park is not her business and that she is only hired 'as an artist'. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have been in the habit of believing that a key tenet of performance art was attention to political, cultural and economic context and rejection of the 'just an artist' line of thinking." —Ina Blom

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