quarta-feira, agosto 01, 2007

- não vai mais vinho para essa mesa -

Anita na Serra Leoa

- "...are devout Catholics. Dress suitably when entering a church (no shorts or strappy tops), and behave respectfully - or expect to be admonished by a tutting usher. Topless sunbathing is prohibited on public beaches, but tolerated on private ones."
- "... time is a fluid concept. Don´t expect posted opening hours in museums, shops or restaurants to be exact. Everything may close without notice - or stay open later than you expect. If you are particulary keen to see a museum or eat at a certain restaurant, it's wise to phone ahead."
- "... has the highest road-accident rate (...). It´s best to avoid driving althogheter, but if you do get behind the wheel, remember that drivers don't believe in speed restrictions, using indicators or giving way. Expect any courtesy you show to be treated as a sign of weakness. Be especially wary of buses: their drivers treat other road-users as invisible."
- "Smoking is banned in all public places, including restaurants, bars, shops, public areas in hotels, and the airport. Many restaurants and bars have outdoor smoking areas, and few larger establishments have smoking sections."
- ... "But be aware that the culture is deeply traditional and Catholic Church still exetrs a huge influence - divorce and abortion, for example, are still illegal."


Blogger AM said...



2/8/07 12:03 da manhã  
Blogger beluga said...

o livro ainda nem saiu e já está a mandar a anita embora

2/8/07 12:49 da manhã  
Blogger AM said...

a anita não é bonita
a anita (não) vai à escola
a anita no quarto

2/8/07 10:08 da manhã  

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